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Welcome to my RAF Regiment web site, this web site is dedicated to all who have served and who are still serving with the RAF Regiment, with over 50 pages you will find information on the formation of the Royal Air Force Regiment on the 1st of February 1942, The RAF Armoured Car Companies that later became part of the  RAF Regiment, up to and including the latest news and deployments. If you have any pictures or stories please feel free to email me.

The Royal Air Force Regiment was formed for the same basic reason that the Army formed its own Air Corps and the Royal Navy its Royal Marines and Fleet Air Arm    Click here for more


Nickname: Rock Apes       Motto: Per Ardua (Through Adversity)

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After the evacuation of Dunkirk, the invasion of Norway, Greece and the failure of Allied forces in Crete to successfully defend the airfields which led to the fall of the island, it became clear that the Army with it's resources severely stretched might not be able to cope with the added burden of defending RAF airfields and installations. It was decided to form a new corps to specialise in defensive operations to secure the airfields from attack and so by Royal Warrant from George VI on the 1st of February 1942 the Corps of the Royal Air Force Regiment was officially formed.

The roots of the Regiment go back even further than that to the 1920s with the introduction of the RAF Armoured Car Companies in the Middle East. No.1 AAC was formed at Heliopolis, Egypt in December 1921, for service in Iraq. No.2 ACC was also formed at Heliopolis on 7th April 1922 for service in Transjordan, and remained at Amman. The Armoured Car Companies were incorporated into the RAF Regiment in 1946.

2 Sqn RAF Regiment Afghanistan 2010 2 Sqn RAF Regiment Afghanistan 2010

3 Sqn RAF Regiment Camp Bastion 2010 3 Sqn RAF Regiment Camp Bastion 2010 (© UK Crown copyright 2008)

2777 Sqn RAF Regiment Paris 1944 2777 Sqn RAF Regiment Paris 1944


No 1 Armoured Car Company (RAF)

Celyforce" 1328 Wing "Special Duties section" inspection before Prior to raiding operation on the Yugoslav coast

An RAF Regiment parachute force had been formed from 2721 and 2771 Field Squadrons to support RAF air liaison teams which were intended to operate on the Yugoslav mainland. This Special Duties Section later became part of 1328 Wing and was known as Celyforce after its commander, Squadron Leader Cely¬Trevilian. Once Tito had refused to allow British forces to operate with his partisans inside Yugoslavia Celyforce lost its airborne role and was attached to the Royal Marine Special Boat Squadron, taking part in a series of cloak and dagger raids on the Yugoslavian coast with the Royal Marines.

RAF Regiment Special /duties section Celyforce

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Battle Honours

What is a Battle Honour? Battle Honours are an official acknowledgement of the part played in a successful campaign or engagement by the ships, units and squadrons which receive them. They serve as a permanent record of achievement of which past, present and future generations of Service personnel can be proud
Why does the RAF have two levels of Battle Honour? In 1987, Her Majesty The Queen approved a proposal by the Air Force Board to allow battle honours approved by Her Majesty to be emblazoned on squadron Standards. Those squadrons which were required to operate under constant threat of attack and had demonstrated gallantry and spirit during combat operations may be awarded a Battle Honour with the right to emblazon the honour on their squadron Standard. Squadrons which participated in operations, albeit at a slightly lower level of danger, are awarded the Battle Honour without the right to emblazon the honour on their Standards. Click here for more.

RAF Armoured Car Companies

No2 Armoured Car Sqn

No II Armoured Car Company was incorporated into the RAF Regiment on 3 October1946. In doing so the Company was renumbered No.2702 Squadron RAF Regiment. This was not a popular decision as many of the Squadron were ex-aircrew who had been made redundant after the war, and who had joined the armoured car companies on the assumption that they would remain independent of the Regiment. A critical manning situation on the Squadron was experienced by the end of 1946 and this was attributed to the uncertainty of the Squadron’s future following its amalgamation into the RAF Regiment. After pressure by Squadron members and veterans it was renumbered as No II Armoured Car Squadron on 25 Feb 1947. Click here for more

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