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Thanks to Aus Smith for the pictures below of 51 Sqn RAF Regiment

1: SF Shoot on the CTA 3: Aus and probably Paddy?


1: NAAFI Break during the SF Shoot CTA '86 2: Keith Gregg during an exercise in Bruggen 87 3: PC Bruggen 87 knocking up some scran

 Steve Rooney, Tiny Sergeant,??? and Aus taking a break during a Navex on the CTA 87

Dave O'Brian, John Taylor and Kev Pinkney just before an exercise at Bruggen 87

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51 Squadron RAF Regiment is a field squadron of the RAF Regiment in the Royal Air Force. Its mission is protection of RAF bases from ground attack.

The history of No. 51 Squadron goes back to 1947 when it was formed at RAF Celle near the Luneberg Heath in Germany by the redesignation of No. 2713 Squadron RAF Regiment. Its initial role was as a rifle squadron, protecting RAF facilities from ground attack. In 1955 it changed to the light anti-aircraft role which it retained until disbanded in 1957.

In 1964 the squadron reformed, switching back to the rifle role, at the RAF Regiment Depot. The first assignments of the unit after reforming were overseas to Cyprus and Aden where it undertook internal security roles. After Rhodesia unilaterally declared independence in 1965 it was sent to Africa to protect Gloster Javelin aircraft which were deployed in Zambia. After returning to Catterick the unit's next deployment was back to Aden in the immediate period before the British withdrawal from there in 1967. Its service in Aden was mainly spent at the many isolated airfields dotting that colony.

In 1969 the squadron shifted bases with a move to RAF Wittering. This move was undertaken to support the Hawker-Siddeley Harrier force which was then becoming operational. With the start of the troubles in Northern Ireland in 1969 No. 51 Squadron deployed to the province, a process which it would repeat at regular intervals for the next 18 years. This period also saw deployments to RAF Salalah and Hong Kong.

In 1982 the squadron moved back to Catterick from Wittering to re-role. It emerged operating the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) family and in wartime it would have moved to Germany to defend airfields there. However its next war service was not to be in Europe but in the Middle East. In aftermath of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait the squadron deployed to Arabia and detachments saw service at Dharan, Muharraq and Tabuk during the war. Following the Options for Change defence cuts the squadron was disbanded in 1993.

The dawn of a new century saw a return to active service for the squadron. Once again operating in a field squadron role it reformed at RAF Honington in 2001 before moving to RAF Lossiemouth. It was not long before war beckoned again and the squadron was deployed in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Following the invasion it has taken part in roulements back to the region.

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