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RAF Greenham Common The 1980's

In January 1986 a British Member of Parliament, Sir Peter Blaker, asked the Prime Minister, Mrs Margaret Thatcher, whether she had seen an article in the magazine Jane’s Defence Weekly stating that Soviet-trained agents had infiltrated the ranks of the women picketing outside Greenham Common, one of the two acknowledged UK bases for Tomahawk ground-launched cruise missiles. Mrs Thatcher replied that ‘government bodies’ were aware of the ‘implications of special forces operations’

‘The Soviet Union has maintained a secret detachment of female Spetsnaz special forces in the area of Britain’s Greenham Common Air Base since December 1983.

‘Soviet defectors have disclosed that three to six trained agents, from Warsaw Pact and West European countries, including the UK infiltrated women’s protest groups at Greenham Common and were present “at all times”.’

His report continued to say that ‘There has been a regular rotation of agents to enable a large number to gain field experience. ‘The women agents are trained in camps situated in the Rovno-L’vov-Lutsk area of the Carpathian and the Ural and Volga military districts. They contain mock-ups of elements of the Greenham Common camp like the heavily defended inner defence zone’. There the women are trained to attack the missile sites under war or surprise conditions in a pre-emptive strike. They will act as “beacons” for other Spetsnaz and airborne troops who would be used to attack the missiles in war.

‘These Spetsnaz women receive emergency cash via “dead drop.” when needed or they travel abroad to meet their paymasters. ‘The initial purpose is to incite protesters to mount protests and demonstrations to test the defending forces’ reaction times and to monitor security arrangements and timings of cruise missile convoys leaving Greenham Common.’

Naturally, the Greenham women denied these allegations as a slur to discredit them, and the police have said hat despite all the arrests they have made, they have not discovered anyone carrying an Eastern Bloc passport. This course, is no more than you would expect; no Soviet operative is going to give himself or herself away so obviously. But Soviet involvement with CND and other Western peace organizations goes back a long way.


Painting inside one of the hangers (Dog Flight)

I was sent this picture but I have lost the details, however RAF Regt and American Troops at GC

Thanks to Luther Redwine (MSgt USAF Retired) for these 2 Regt and USAF pictures below.


Pictures I found

Not a very tactical paint job The peace women had decided to paint this "TEL"

That was then ...this is now

Pictures from Glen Beavis

 1: Back Row: Fat Cat 9(smiling) second in from the left Blondie center me looking miserable to his right and Rick Fanning behind me with his head cut off..Sorry, Front Row: Middle Steve Cowan (note the right arm forward to show his wings) and to his right is the guy who had a clapped out old Ford. and a few yanks in here as well !!

2: Rick Fanning Digging and Simon Cope is the one with the M60. not forgetting the Cruise Missile Launcher hiding in the background



1: The women...

2: I know Nige Sheldon, Side Step Sid, Winston and Andy Leonard,








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